St. Francis Society

Ambler, PA

Founded in Charity.

We embrace the teaching of St. Francis and carry on his mission of Christian love in our communities, and around the world.

We have been serving the Ambler Community since 1918 with our efforts being to celebrate the moral Life of Saint Francis of Paola, a native of Calabria Italy. Throughout the year, we unite our local community to honor the life of Saint Francis and celebrate our Italian heritage. It has been our mission to honor him by educating the community of his positive influence, passing on the traditions of the festival, and spreading our message of “charitas” or christian love that St. Francis had as his cornerstone to everyone.

Ambler, Pennsylvania

United States

Situated 20 miles from Philadelphia, Ambler, is named after Mary Ambler whose legacy was founded in charity and sacrifice amidst a train wreck in 1856. Holding a similar legacy to that of St. Francis of Paola, Ambler, has become the perfect home for our organization for over 100 years.

Maida, Calabria


For more than 500 years, Maida has continued to honor their Patron Saint Francis of Paola, with the same feast that was brought to Ambler by its Immigrants. As a result, Ambler became a cultural hub for the immigrants. In 2008 Maida became the sister city of Ambler.


Ambler, PA

Ambler, PA